Equine and Animal Therapy

Equine and Animal Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy Definition – “is the scientific manipulation of soft tissues for injury prevention and therapeutic purposes involving the restoration to normal functional activity of the various structures of the body.”

It helps with circulation and toxin removal.

It helps to improve proprioception, enabling the body to become more aware of different stimuli from body to brain both positive and negative.

It improves muscular tone and helps to prevent injury.

Helps to relieve stress.

An extremely beneficial treatment to help both before and after event work.

Improves coat and general conditioning.

Is extremely beneficial to the relaxation and general well-being of the horse.

Improves posture and flexibility so allowing the more efficient flow of O2 to all internal systems.

And has many more benefits!

Prior to any treatment a full consultation and non-evasive examination is given to ensure the correct treatment for the horse.   Any concerns will be discussed with the horse’s owner before any massage treatment and advice will be given.

I am also qualified to treat cattle, dogs and other animals

All treatments are given subject to the Veterinary Act 1966.

Fascial Edge Tool technique

Massage for the horse has enormous benefits, such as removal of toxins, helps prevent injury, a feeling of general wellbeing and many other benefits.

Any rider will be aware that a horse can become sore in areas due to saddle pressure and even over work and massage will prove an effective treatment for these issues.

However to increase these benefits I use a Fascial Edge Tool (Andrew Glaister D.C – Designer and M.D.) as it reaches further into the muscles for a more effective treatment by helping to act not only on the muscles but the fascia that surrounds nearly every organ in the body.

By using this tool I can help to break any fibrosis that has developed, it also helps to tone the muscles and enhance circulation.

And furthermore it can be a support of the therapist by preventing any injury to their hands.

And most importantly – even the most nervous of horses will come to love this wonderful treatment.

Please do not hesitate to ask me for more information.