No, there are some medical issues that may prevent your horse from being treated.  Does your horse have a temperature?  Is the horse suffering from any fungal skin disease such as mange?   Is your horse suffering from any infectious disease such as strangles etc?  Is your horse suffering from any viral disease such as herpes?

All of these will prevent your horse from being treated.  Please speak to the therapist for more information.

No unfortunately not, please speak to the therapist for further advice.

Massage treatment may be acceptable but only under veterinary advice as massage may support or indeed make the condition worse.

Some of these may be treated but again only under strict veterinary advice.  A horse should not be treated over any open wounds, pressure sores, bruising or haematoma.

Your horse should be clean and free of any mud before the therapist can treat.  It is also preferable that the owner is with the horse whilst being treated and preferably the horse should be in a stable or loose box.

 Wherever possible strenuous exercise should be avoided for 48 hours after treatment, however it is beneficial for gentle turnout after a treatment, this will support removal of toxins that have been generated during the treatment.    Please ensure access to clean fresh water after the treatment to also help remove toxins.


Please ask the therapist if you have any further questions.