Human Complementary Therapy

Human Complementary Therapy

Aromatherapy – A thorough and effective treatment using a special blend of organic base and carrier oils specifically blended for your needs and requirements.

Essential oils are fantastic for conditions such as stress management, relaxation to name just a few and physical conditions such as eczema, muscular tensions and toxin release.  However they do need to be used with care and professionalism.

Due to extensive knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and thorough and testing knowledge of how essential oils work and their contra-indications means that after thorough pre-treatment consultation you are reassured of the best blend for your needs.

Body Massage – A deeper treatment that supports the muscular system in helping to tone, relax and remove toxins.  Extremely beneficial for relaxation, pre and post fitness training and improvement to muscle tone and general well-being.  Helps improve and support circulation and lymphatic system and general wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage – This ancient Ayurvedic treatment helps to prevent migraines, headaches and back pain.  It promotes hair growth and condition.  Promotes and supports positive sleep patterns and helps to prevent depression and anxiety.  Encourages renewed energy and positive thoughts and supports improved memory.

Pregnancy Massage – The benefits of Pregnancy Massage are many and include improved circulation and general muscle tone.  Helps with muscular discomforts including lower back pain and leg cramps.  Encourages production of endorphins so aiding the feeling of general well-being of mum-to-be.  Supports a feeling of relaxation and relief of stress.

Facials – Enjoy a wonderful facial including full skin analysis and neck and face massage.  I use completely natural products with no parabens or any artificial colourings or additives.    “An hour of complete bliss”.